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In the CADORS podcast, we discuss a selection of Transport Canada Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence reports.
This podcast is provided by CADORS.CA, not by Transport Canada or any other government agency.

Oct 19, 2016

Canadian Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System, Pacific Region, Episode 9 - CYYF - Penticton.

  • 2000P0427 July 16th, 2000 Cessna 182 C-GCMI smoke in the cockpit reported by Cessna 172 C-GAIZ.
  • 2001P0483 July 3rd, 2001 Grumman AA-5 C-GHEM engine problem over Squally Point.
  • 2013P1123 July 29th, 2013 Eurocopter Astar N351MM transited NOTAMed forest fire area.


Guest: Ken Armstrong, email

Music: "Contemplation" by JewelBeat

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