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In the CADORS podcast, we discuss a selection of Transport Canada Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence reports.
This podcast is provided by CADORS.CA, not by Transport Canada or any other government agency.

Jun 19, 2016

Canadian Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System, Pacific Region, Episode 6 - CYSE - Squamish.

  • 2002P0527 June 2nd, 2002 Spectrum Beaver BE55 C-IFBK precautionary landing on glacier.
  • 2003P0126 February 5th, 2003 N655GS changed destination while receiving flight following from Terminal, but did not advise Flight Services.
  • 2004P2289 December 12th, 2004 Cessna 172 C-GOPV practice mayday call broadcast on 121.5.


Guest: Manuel Erickson, email

Music: "Contemplation" by JewelBeat

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